Outdoor Heater Rental Brooklyn NYC

Why Do You Need Outdoor Heater Rental Brooklyn NYC?

Outdoor events offer a unique charm and ambiance that can never be experienced in indoors. However, keeping your guests warm and comfortable becomes a priority as temperatures drop. Outdoor heater rentals serve various purposes to ensure that your event is not only enjoyable but also memorable.

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In short, the purpose of getting outdoor heater rentals in Brooklyn, NYC, is:

  • Ensuring guest comfort
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Extending outdoor event season
  • complementing your event décor
  • embracing versatility and adaptability

With All Boro Rentals’ outdoor heater rental Brooklyn, NYC, you can provide the perfect ambiance for your guests, keeping them warm and comfortable throughout the event. Our selection of high-quality outdoor heaters is suitable for a wide range of events, including tent parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, and more.

How do Outdoor heaters enhance your Event Ambiance?

Adding some heat to a table area will keep your guests comfortable. Depending on the size of your party, rent one or more to create a warm circle around your guests. Thanks to the adjustable heat output, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of burn time. The weather-resistant stainless steel construction can withstand any environmental conditions. Because the unit has caster wheels, moving from one location to another is simple.

Our patio heaters can add comfort and ambiance to your outdoor event when the temperature drops. Don’t let your guests get cold! When the weather turns colder, our outdoor patio heaters rental will keep them toasty and warm. We provide heaters that can be used both inside and outside.

Call for the best outdoor heater in Brooklyn, NYC, today!

What do We Have in  Outdoor Tent For Party Rental?

All Boro Rentals is the premier provider of outdoor heater rentals in Brooklyn, NYC, and the surrounding areas. Here’s why we’re the best choice for your outdoor heater party rental needs:

  • Wide Selection – We offer an extensive range of outdoor tents and heaters, including outdoor tent heaters Brooklyn options, to cater to various event types and sizes.
  • Quality Products – Our outdoor heaters are carefully chosen for their performance, reliability, and safety, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable and worry-free experience.
  • Affordable Pricing – We believe in providing our clients with the best value, so we offer competitive pricing for our outdoor heater rentals and other party equipment.
  • Expert Assistance – Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to help you choose the best outdoor heaters for your event and provide guidance on proper setup and usage.
  • Timely Delivery & Pickup – We take pride in our punctual delivery and pickup service, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.
  • One-Stop Shop – All Boro Rentals is your one-stop shop for all your event rental needs, including outdoor tent rentals in Brooklyn, NYC, rent tent for party Brooklyn options, outdoor heaters, and much more.

Heater/Dehumidifier/Air Conditioner combos, Electric Room Heaters, Oil-Fired Heaters, Open-Flamed (LP) Heaters, Kerosene Space Heaters, Propane Space Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Tent Heaters, and Vented Kerosene Heaters are among the heaters we rent.


  • (2) casters for ease of movement
  • 16 gauge, heavy-duty reflector produces 12 to 20-foot circles of heat Capable of holding 20 or 30-lb. propane tank
  • Easy access to and from the tank includes an adjustable heat output for versatility

All Boro Rentals is one of the top Brooklyn, NYC tent rental companies that provide cotton candy machines, linens, tablecloths, tables, chairs, carnival supplies, and more for your next important event.

Why do Our Customer Keep  Coming Back?

Because our:

  • Rental rates are competitive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • We provide expert advice with convenient Pickup & Delivery
  • We offer goods that are well-maintained and of high quality
  • We’ve been serving NYC for years with a large inventory

Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Heater Rental in Brooklyn, NYC

To make the most of your outdoor heater rental Brooklyn NYC service, consider the following tips when selecting heaters for your event:

Tip 1 – Consider the Size of the Event Space

Consider the size of your event space and the number of guests when choosing the appropriate outdoor heaters. Larger spaces and more guests may require multiple heaters or more powerful models.

Tip 2 – Consider the Type of Heater

There are various outdoor heaters for rent, including propane, electric, and natural gas. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for different settings and needs.

Tip 3 – Check the Safety Features

Look for outdoor heaters with safety features, such as tip-over protection and safety shut-offs, to ensure the well-being of your guests.

Tip 4 – Consider Aesthetic Appeal

Choose outdoor heaters that complement your event’s theme and décor to create a cohesive and stylish atmosphere.

Book Your Outdoor Heater Rental in Brooklyn, NYC Today!

Ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests at your next outdoor event with our top-notch outdoor tent & heater rental in Brooklyn, NYC. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team at All Boro Rentals to reserve your heaters and start planning the perfect outdoors.

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