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Having a garden party? Looking for party rental NYC?

Whether it is a family reunion or a simple engagement ceremony, you need to get everything in order for your garden party. The warm ceremony requires some magical touch to make it look vibrant and the best way to do it is through having all the garden party essentials in place. To make your guests happy and the event memorable, party essentials are a must- have. Some of the garden party essentials are discussed here:

1. Tent

As you are planning an outdoor party, a tent makes it to the top of the list. A tent helps your guests stay away from direct sun. It also helps if light rains are expected. You just cannot predict the weather exactly! So be ready! Be it a small get -together or a wedding party, a tent is not only required for comfort, but to make the space look contemporary too!

There are small tents and wide canopies available with All Borough Party Rentals if you are on the lookout for event rental NYC. It only depends on the number of guests you are planning to invite. While canopies are perfect for wedding parties, a pole tent is sufficient for a small lunch party.

2. Chairs

Chairs are the most needed for your garden party. They allow your guests to sit, relax and chat comfortably. Be it a small dinner party or a gala wedding, chairs are required in sufficient numbers. However it is up to you to decide what type of chairs you would want for the garden party. As it is outdoors, chairs that are easy to fold and carry would be ideal. The seat can be plastic or padded.

If you are looking for party rentals New York, All Borough Party Rentals NYC would be a great option! They have light weight chairs designed for adults and children besides specially designed ones for different occasions.

3. Tables

Where do you serve food?  Do your guests have a drink comfortably? Where do your guests gather as a small crowd and chat?

Tables are necessary to make your garden party successful. They create spaces for your guests to chit chat or relish on the tasty cuisine and beverages. Go for a small square table if you have limited number of guests or a larger one if it is a big event. The shape and size of the tables are your choice!

4. Dinnerware

Dining is what your guests will ultimately settle into. In order to make your garden party successful, you need to add a sense of ‘Wow’ and there’s no better way to make it than have elegant dinnerware in place. Be it a beverage pitcher, a cake stand, ice scoop or trays, dinnerware brings in a graceful look to the environment. You can literally impress your guests with dazzling dinnerware. Your guests would love to dine at your party if the look of dinnerware is able to make an impact.

If party rentals Long Island is what you are searching for, consider All Borough Party Rentals! They are second to none!


5. Patio Heater

If your garden party is during winter, ensure you have a patio heater. This will make your guests feel warm and comfortable. You can, in fact, extend your party by a few hours as your guests will not be in a hurry to go back, your patio heater makes sure the environment is kept warm.

For event rental nyc and long island party rentals, contact All Borough Party Rentals. They can make your garden party a huge success!

All Borough Party Rentals products shown above:

1)Canopies for all ceremonies, 2)Chairs for all occasions, 3)Tables in rectangular or round shape, 4) Great varieties of dinnerware, 5)Patio heater 

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