Table Linens

Our table linens and napkins come in many colors. Always clean and neatly folded in clean foil for guaranteed cleanness. Table linens, napkins, table skirts and chair covers are important little items you need to ensure your luncheon or dinner party’s success. If you’re planning to invite a large number of people, you need to make sure that your tables are protected and that people have napkins. Your goal should be to give your guests a high end quality eating experience at your special event. This is what guests tend to expect, and when they get it, they consider your party a good experience and would be more likely to attend a similar party in the future. With All Borough Party Rentals, you don’t have to worry about party linen rental logistics. Choose from different colors (white, ivory, or black), sizes and shapes to match with your party’s particular aesthetic. Whether you want napkins or simple, solid color tablecloths, we can help match the right size and length of the linen with the right size of the table.