Coat Rack

Coat rack comes in handy at all events with large number of guests. Available hangers and coat claim checks for an additional price. If you are expecting a high volume of guests, to keep the room organized and welcoming, this neat chrome rack with black base will come in handy at your event. Made out of heavy duty steal with chrome finish to withstand tremendous strain, which means that you will be able to store many coats with ease. For added versatility, this unit is on wheels so that it can be simply rolled out of sight to a discrete location after the crowd arrives, which is away from the action. Our wood or chrome hangers are top quality pieces that are made to hold heavy garments with ease. Thanks to the notches on each end, clothing will never fall or become stretched. Also, the swivel hooks make them simple to hang and remove from a rack. For a simple way to keep track of guests’ jackets, coats, sweaters, and other outerwear pieces rent from us coat check tickets.