Chafing Dishes

Stylish, beautiful and always clean chafing dishes are great for all occasions in keeping your meals and soups warm for guests with replaceable sternos. Chafing dishes play important role when you need a dependable way to keep your food at optimal temperature on wedding receptions, family reunions, or similar events. They come in handy when you want to prepare food days before your event and warm it prior to your guests’ arrival. Our inventory is filled with affordable offerings that come in a variety of styles and shapes. If you are planning to display a multitude of food courses, you may wish to consider renting matching pieces. For example, you can select an item to keep your soup warm, another for holding bread, a larger piece for a main course, and a separate item for a side of vegetables. Its large size allows you to serve a generous amount of appetizers, sliced meats, soups or similar foods. Thanks to replaceable sterno fuel source, your dishes will remain warm. It is possible to mix and match inserts sizes so that more than one offering can be displayed together. To keep your tables looking elegant the stainless steel styling is rather plain, which means that it will not detract from your decor. The classic rectangular chafer with wood handles adds to the pleasing aesthetics and remains cool so that hands do not suffer burns during service.