Great addition to your event for serving all kinds of beverages and cocktails. Can be customized with small lights. Choose between 4’Ft and 6’Ft size in black or white color. We understand that you must keep your guests engaged and entertained. Whether you are hosting an outdoor -indoor celebration, corporate event or small get together, to support your event needs some of the pieces that will be required include a bar station, glasses, and certain utensils. Depending on your event, you may wish to have juice dispensers or martini pitchers on hand. Peruse our inventory and choose white or black bar fixture and accessories that will make your event complete. This perfect station will provide a space to serve all of your beverages. Thanks to the sturdy plywood and aluminum construction, you will not have to worry about the unit falling. The collapsible mechanism offers convenience, especially when you do not want to take a great deal of time setting up or cleaning after a party. The laminate surface wipes cleans without hassle. If you are hosting a corporate event, the large front panel is perfect for hanging a logo banner as well.

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