For us, chairs mean a lot more than just a game or a seating avenue. They are about comfort, luxury and relaxation. Chairs are about the feeling that they provoke when someone rests down on them. It is about the brief music that is created; a sigh of relief or an itch of discomfort.
Chairs are the cornerstone of any party, big or small. If you have your guests seated well, the chances of them enjoying the party double instantly. Try placing them on irregular, uncomfortable chairs and they will never come back!

Bar Stool Metal

As the name goes, this stool is made out of pure bar stool and is ready to withstand the pressure of changing times. Having an enhanced threshold in comparison to other stools, this metallic stool takes the lead as one of the sturdiest, strongest and stylish pieces of furniture. Ideal for outdoor events and parties, the bar stool metal is great to be placed around bars, event stage, dance floor et cetera.

Natural Wood Bench (6 feet)

Made out of pure wood, this 6 feet long bench can host around 3-4 people comfortably within its range. A wooden bench adds a very cozy look to a party environment. It also feels like a natural substitute of adequate seating as compared to its metallic counterparts. What else can be better if a group of 4 friends can be accommodated in one place?

Natural Wood Bench (8 feet)

Priced a little higher than the 6 feet one, this wood bench is ideal for organizing large number of people at a party. Taking up less space, since it is just one long piece of furniture, it can accommodate a party of 6 without any ado. To top that, a series of rows made out of this 8 feet long natural wood bench would eliminate the need of individual chairs. This makes it an economical solution to bigger crowds.

White Folding Chair (with metal frame)

For those who like to kick back and relax, this white folding chair is for them! For events and parties where there is a likelihood that old-age people will be in a majority, these chairs are ideal for such events. Comfortable, small and taking up less space in the venue, these chairs will not only function as cozy seats but also become a part of a themed décor.

Black Folding Chair with Metal Frame

On the contrary to the option in white, if you are looking for a much more elegant touch to your outdoor décor, the black folding chairs are your best bet. They are comfortable and will go well for all sorts of evening events. From hi-teas to dinner parties or birthday events, these chairs will camouflage into the venue, adding elegance and charisma to the whole look.

Baby High Chair

Someone has to look after the little ones! This baby high chair is made of quality wood that causes no harm to the tiny hands and feet which will adorn them. This high chair is necessary in setting up the seating arrangement for family gatherings. Holding babies in one’s arms throughout an event can be exhausting and you can simply add a little comfort to the parents’ life by adding a couple of these baby chairs at your party!

Black Folding with Padded Seat

Adding another step of comfort to seating, these folding chairs with a padded seat provide instant comfort when you sit down on them. The soft cushion at the seat of these chairs ensures that you are sitting comfortably during an event without the worry of the chair biting or pricking at any point.

White Folding with Padded Seat

Similar to its black counterpart, this chair is great for adults and corporate events which require the audience to stand for the most part of it. For company events such as conferences, these chairs are ideal to be used since people are actively engaged in some activities and would love to find a moment to unwind in comfort. A little cushion goes a long way in providing ease to its user.

White Covers For Metal Frame

Sometimes, people prefer to hide the chair altogether with a piece of cloth. We completely understand the need to have a uniformed look throughout the venue hence we provide white covers for all metal frame chairs. This white cloth comes with a little extra charge and can be accommodated at any time. Such chairs are mostly used at weddings where people are adorned by expensive and intricate dresses. A little piece of cloth on the chairs can protect their clothes & accessories from various damages such as tangling and scratching.

Children Chair White

Most suited for birthday parties, white chairs for children are relatively smaller in size. They can bear little weight and are generally used at birthday parties and family events. These chairs provide comfort to the little ones. Being neutral in color, these chairs can be used as a part of any themed event without being toyed around. However, it has been kept in mind for utmost importance that these chairs are very sturdy and can withstand the pressure of children playing around with them; without having to break or crack.

Children Chair Blue

Being sturdy and strong, these chairs for children in blue present a dominant color that can go well with a peculiar set of themes and décor. This color is hard to find since it is not neutral and is bold instead. These chairs can be used in contrast to your theme or you could simply add them as a complement to your overall look and feel.

Bridal / Baby Shower Chair

Oh, for the sweet occasions which mark the start of a new beginning. Ideal to be used for seating the bride (or mother) on their big day and celebrating their happiness with a chair that makes her feel royal and prestigious! Designed to make her feel like a queen, this chair is a little comfortable cloud that is an absolute necessary for all bridal/baby showers!

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